Castle Hotels: Your New Escape to Ultimate European Luxury

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large_02_Chateau.jpgFor centuries, castles have housed the most wealthy and royal families of their country. Kings and queens have sat at the thrown beneath enormous tapestries of their family, with glorious stones embedded in the fabrics of their clothing, crowns and chandeliers, while velveteen chairs, hand-crafted bed frames, and silken sheets adorn their bed chambers. Now, they house you.

Castle hotels allow you to indulge in these enchanting, fairy-tale like structures and sleep in the most luxurious accommodations in all of Europe.

Dalhousie Luxury Castle Hotel and Spa- Just 8 miles south of Edinborough, Scotland, can be spotted Dalhousie Castle, once home to the Earls of Dalhousie, the chieftain to Clam Ramsay in the 13th century. Dalhousie Luxury Castle Hotel and Spa is the perfect location for a summertime-getaway, holiday celebration, or the wedding of your dreams. As one of the finest luxury castles in Scotland, Dalhousie welcomes its guests with a hydrotherapy spa, speakeasy 'secret bar', banquet hall in the dungeon, and multiple spellbinding themed rooms. Every inch of this once wartime fortress relinquishes the finest and most indulgent qualities of the rich pages of a harlequin novel.

Glin Castle Hotel- Ireland's Glin Castle Hotel boasts 500 acres of land overlooking the River Shannon, just 30 miles from Limerick. The lucrative castle is still home to the Knight of Glin, and his wife Madam FitzGerald, who rent out their accommodations from March until November. The beautiful gardens surrounding the castle maintain the kitchen in stock and provide leisure activities such as tennis and croquet for their guests. For golf-lovers, Glin Castle is in close-proximity to Ireland's most renowned and challenging courses, Ballybunion, Adare, and Lahinch.

Château de Bagnols- Set atop the hillsides of southeast France, Château de Bagnols is considered the finest five-star deluxe chateau hotel in France. What sets this castle apart from others is its architectural and historical importance. The castle mirrors the design of medieval times, the Renaissance era and the 1700's all blended in one. With 21 breathtaking bedrooms, lavish gardens surrounding a pool and fountain, and a world famous chef, nothing is left to the imagination at Château de Bagnols.

Thornbury Castle Hotel- This 10th century English manor, located in the West Country of England, is the only Tudor castle that reopened as a hotel. Guests can stay in the bedchamber of King Henry VIII and Anne Boylen overlooking the oldest Tudor Gardens or any of the 27 bedrooms with views of the historic park land of Thornbury Castle. Enjoy fine wine and traditional English dishes in the Tudor Hall or alongside a roaring fireplace. Whether you seek a romantic honeymoon getaway or just a taste of English royalty, Thornbury Castle is sure to leave you with a memorable experience. Your very own William and Kate escape.

By Andrea Gaggioni, Contributing Author

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